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Anthony Davis' Parents: Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis

Anthony Davis is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is widely regarded as one of the greatest power forwards of all time. Davis was born on March 11, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, to Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis. He has two sisters, Antoinette and Iesha.

anthony davis parents

Anthony Davis Sr. is a carpenter and Erainer Davis is a nurse. They raised their children in a single-parent household after Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis divorced when Anthony Davis was young. Despite the challenges of being a single parent, Erainer Davis worked hard to provide for her children and instilled in them a strong work ethic.

Both Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis were involved in their son's basketball career from a young age. Anthony Davis Sr. built a basketball court in the backyard of their home so that Anthony Davis and his sisters could practice. Erainer Davis drove her son to all of his games and practices.

Anthony Davis' parents were always supportive of his dreams of playing professional basketball. They encouraged him to work hard and never give up on his goals. Anthony Davis credits his parents with helping him to become the successful basketball player that he is today.

In addition to being supportive parents, Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis are also active in their community. They are involved in several charities and organizations that help to improve the lives of others. Anthony Davis is proud of his parents' work and he often speaks out about the importance of giving back to the community.

Anthony Davis is grateful for the love and support of his parents. He knows that he would not be where he is today without them. He is proud to be their son and he looks forward to continuing to make them proud in the years to come.

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