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Jayson Tatum's Son, Deuce, Is a Rising Star

Jayson Tatum is one of the best young basketball players in the NBA. He's also a father to a young son, Deuce. Deuce has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to his adorable antics and his love of basketball.

jason tatum son

Deuce was born in 2017, when Tatum was just 19 years old. Tatum has said that being a father has been one of the best things in his life. He loves spending time with Deuce and watching him grow up.

Deuce is a regular at Celtics games. He sits courtside and cheers on his dad. He's also been known to give players high-fives and even steal the show during interviews.

In 2022, Deuce became a viral sensation when he interrupted his dad's postgame interview. Tatum was talking to the media after a big win, when Deuce ran onto the court and started dancing. The video of Deuce's dance went viral, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Deuce is not only a fan favorite, but he's also a role model. He's shown that it's possible to be a successful athlete and a good father at the same time. Tatum has said that he wants Deuce to be proud of him, and he's doing everything he can to be a good role model.

Deuce is still young, but he's already on his way to becoming a star. He's got the talent, the personality, and the support of his dad. It's going to be exciting to watch him grow up and achieve his dreams.

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