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How to Make a Waterfall Hairstyle: Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wanted to try a beautiful and elegant hairstyle that adds a touch of sophistication to your look? The waterfall hairstyle is a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts for its intricate yet effortless appearance. In this article, 99spaceidea will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a stunning waterfall hairstyle that will turn heads at any event.

How to Make a Waterfall Hairstyle

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Waterfall Hairstyle
  2. Preparing Your Hair
  3. Creating the Base
  4. Starting the Waterfall Braid
  5. Adding Hair to the Braid
  6. Finishing the Waterfall Braid
  7. Securing the Style
  8. Adding Final Touches
  9. Styling Variations
  10. Tips for Long-lasting Results
  11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  12. Conclusion

Understanding the Waterfall Hairstyle

The waterfall hairstyle is characterized by its cascading appearance, resembling a waterfall of hair flowing down. It combines elements of braiding and leaving strands loose to create an ethereal and romantic look. Whether you have long or medium-length hair, you can easily achieve this captivating hairstyle with a little practice and patience.

Preparing Your Hair

Before you start creating the waterfall hairstyle, it's essential to prepare your hair for styling. Follow these steps to ensure the best results:

  1. Start with clean and dry hair. If necessary, wash and condition your hair beforehand.
  2. Apply a small amount of styling mousse or texturizing spray to add grip and hold to your hair.
  3. Gently brush your hair to remove any tangles or knots.

Creating the Base

To create a solid foundation for your waterfall hairstyle, follow these steps:

  1. Part your hair in the desired direction. A side part works well for a natural and elegant look.
  2. Take a small section of hair near the front of your head, close to the parting. This section will serve as the starting point for your waterfall braid.

Starting the Waterfall Braid

Now, let's begin the waterfall braid:

  1. Divide the starting section of hair into three equal parts, as you would for a regular braid.
  2. Cross the front strand over the middle strand.
  3. Cross the back strand over the middle strand.
  4. Drop the front strand down and let it fall loosely.

Adding Hair to the Braid

To continue the waterfall braid, follow these steps:

  1. Pick up a new section of hair next to the dropped strand.
  2. Add this new section to the top strand, incorporating it into the braid.
  3. Cross the back strand over the middle strand.
  4. Drop the front strand down and let it fall loosely.

Finishing the Waterfall Braid

Repeat the previous steps until you reach the desired length or reach the back of your head. Here's how to finish the waterfall braid:

  1. Continue adding new sections of hair to the top strand and crossing the back strand over the middle strand.
  2. Secure the braid with a small hair elastic when you're satisfied with the length.
  3. Repeat the process on the other side of your head if you prefer a symmetrical look.

Securing the Style

To ensure your waterfall hairstyle stays in place, follow these steps:
  1. Gently tug on the sides of the braid to loosen it slightly and create a fuller appearance.
  2. Use bobby pins that match your hair color to secure any loose strands or flyaways.
  3. Spray a light-hold hairspray over your hair to provide extra hold and tame frizz.

Adding Final Touches

To enhance the overall look of your waterfall hairstyle, consider these optional finishing touches:
  1. Curl the loose strands for a more romantic and voluminous effect.
  2. Add decorative hair accessories, such as floral pins or jeweled clips, to accentuate the style.
  3. Apply a shine-enhancing serum or spray for a glossy finish.

Styling Variations

The beauty of the waterfall hairstyle lies in its versatility. Here are a few variations you can try:
  1. Waterfall Twist: Instead of a traditional braid, twist the sections of hair as you create the cascading effect.
  2. Waterfall Ponytail: Gather the remaining loose hair into a ponytail or a low bun to create a different look.
  3. Half-Up Waterfall: Combine the waterfall braid with a half-up hairstyle for a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Tips for Long-lasting Results

To ensure your waterfall hairstyle lasts throughout the day or evening, keep these tips in mind:
  1. Use a quality hairspray with a long-lasting hold to keep the style intact.
  2. Avoid excessive touching or brushing of your hair, as it may disrupt the braid.
  3. If your hair tends to lose its shape quickly, apply a bit of dry shampoo to add texture and prolong the style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I create a waterfall hairstyle on short hair?
A: Yes, it's possible to adapt the waterfall hairstyle for shorter hair lengths by using smaller sections and adjusting the placement of the braid.

Q: How long does it take to create a waterfall hairstyle?
A: The time required depends on your familiarity with braiding techniques. With practice, you can create a beautiful waterfall hairstyle in approximately 15-20 minutes.

Q: Will the waterfall braid work on curly or textured hair?
A: Absolutely! The waterfall hairstyle looks stunning on all hair types, including curly or textured hair. Embrace your natural hair texture and adapt the braid to suit your style.

Q: Can I wear the waterfall hairstyle for formal occasions?
A: Yes, the waterfall hairstyle is an excellent choice for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, or prom. It adds an elegant and whimsical touch to your overall look.

Q: How do I take down the waterfall hairstyle?
A: Simply remove the hair elastic and gently unravel the braid. Detangle any knots or tangles with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.


The waterfall hairstyle is a captivating and versatile option that allows you to showcase your creativity and elegance. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily master this stunning hairstyle and make a lasting impression at any event. Experiment with different variations, embrace your unique style, and let your hair cascade beautifully like a mesmerizing waterfall.

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